Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Retreat day 2

Today I have spent most of the day wrestling with the bag I am making, some of the seams are so thick I had to put the machine on to free motion and drag the fabric through. .not good for the machine I am sure!!
I need to  put binding on the raw seams, but it will have to be hand sewn on, there is no way I can get it back into the machine.
Today Carleen and I started the day with some geocaching, we found two in Gisborne
This was the view over the town from the second cache site.

My wonky houses are finished and joined together.

Tracy has been working on a little quilt this afternoon.

Here is the room we are in and everyone working away.
Barbs bag is still being made
Maxine is getting her binding on
Love how Maxine has used the selvedge pieces.
Am off now to try and out a facing on the door mini quilt.
Happy sewing.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Retreat day 1

It has been a great day today, the drive to Gisborne was good, not too much traffic. All the ladies are here except for one who has the flu. I have been working away on the bag pieces
The pieces are coming along ok although I now have to do some unsewing.

This is Lindas quilt, she eas working on this last year,  it is all hand sewn, is just beautiful.
We have been spoilt with dinner,  the desert was amazing
My favourite

Here is Barbs desert!! 
Now after a big dinner I shall go and start that unsewing.
Happy sewing.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fun and happiness

Yesterday I drove up to Bullengarook for lunch and a sit and sew catch up at Tracee's place. The City Girls were heading over too. We had a wonderful day of fun and chatting and much laughter. Marina suggested a bit over a month ago that we make blocks for Tracee and she would put them into a quilt. Well we did make blocks and Marina worked her magic with help from the other City Girls and  Donna and a beautiful memory quilt was created.
Some of us made two blocks, some made one and helped with the binding and quilting. I know this was quilt made with a huge amount of love, to give Tracee and her hubby comforting hugs for many years to come.
I have to confess that not one stitch was sewn, time just disappeared with eating, Tracee made a sensational lunch!, chatting and laughing...heaps of the latter.
It took several attempts to get a group photo because there was so much chatting and laughter happening
Such a great bunch of women! We had the best day, I floated home on a cloud of happiness, still giggling at some of the comments made during the afternoon, but some comments must remain at sewing days, so I can't share sorry!!
Today has been a beautiful day, I have been preparing for a retreat this coming week and sitting in the sun! Multi tasking!! Lol!!
The supervisor has been keeping an eye on me!!

cutting out applique shapes in the sun!
I had two happy mail deliveries this week, one I gave the mailman a shock as he delivered the envelope to the door and I had been lying in bed reading!! Poor man!! Confronted by bed hair and panda eyes!!

This beautiful book is full of amazing paper pieced patterns created by a Scottish woman who lives in NZ and quilted by Leeanne of Quiltmekiwi, who does the most beautiful quilting. Leeanne is currently doing blog posts of the various patterns/animals from the book.

and the other special arrival was this book, cute crochet dolls with many changes of clothes. Another one day project!!
I had better head off and get things organised for tomorrow.
Happy sewing.

Thursday, October 12, 2017


the weather changed and we were straight back to winter! Cold wind, rain and even some hail
some fearless fishermen were out on the jetty in the rain and the wind!!

Sunday we had a storm pass over, very heavy rain and strong wind and then at the end this amazing rainbow! It lasted for quite a while.
The Aussie hero Quilt is done and in the post

my helper kept popping over the top of the quilt, makes it hard to take a photo!!
I did some baking today

paleo biscuits which tasted sensational, none left now!!

paleo banana loaf which tasted horrible...needs some serious help!!!

a few more stars have joined the family

the quilting is done on the doorway wall quilt, now to figure out how to do facings..

pieces are cut for three rows of the row by row quilt

and I have started to trace off the kookaburra for the next Aussie Hero quilt.
It has been very noisy here today, tree loppers have been next door all day, they arrived at 7.30 this morning and worked until 4pm. One big gum tree is gone but the machinery is still here.....I know they can drop branches and can be dangerous, but I feel for the galahs who have made their home there.
I had better go and rescue dinner, two hours is probably long enough to cook the spag bol sauce!
Happy sewing.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

It has

Been a beautiful day today, I was out this morning, did some retail therapy on the way home
Tracys Discount Fabrics in Geelong have a new shipment of batiks in...so many to choose from!! These are for an Aussie Hero quilt.
I sat out on the back deck this afternoon when  I got home, it was too nice to be inside
We all had a cuppa and sit in the sun!! (Some of us prefer the shade!!)

Perfect today.
A little sewing happened this morning
One hexie finished and another started.
I also used the gocutter today and cut some hearts for the row by row quilt
I think I have more than I need but the year can be used for other things.
Happy sewing.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Home day

Today has been a relaxing day at home, some time in the garden and some time sewing, plus a bit of reading snuck in there too, I am part way through a good who dunnit book.
My assistant/supervisor and I are ready to go to the garden!

My little pukeko is disappearing into the native violet

I don't know what this is but it has an amazing flower

the smaller fig tree has fruit developing already

These plants were full of little birds, helmeted honey eaters I think.

The supervisor relaxed in the shade!!

But then came to see what I was doing

Mmmmmm...still some weeds here!!

This afternoon I have started on some pockets for a bag pattern I am going to attempt when I go on retreat next week

these left over bits could be book marks, they need to be sewn around the edges.
The Minions now have a binding, that will be my job for tonight, I can make a start.
Time for a G & T I think.
Happy sewing.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

FNWF results

Last night I sewed away with lots of virtual sewing friends and managed to finish the quilting on the Minions quilt
The wadding I have used has fluffed really badly and the dark blue has fluff all over it, will be good to get it trimmed and the binding on.
I also finished a beanie and cast on for the next one
This will go into a bag with others for KOGO next winter.
Thank you Cheryll for being our hostess. Over at Cheryll's blog you can see what other FNWF'ers created last night.
Happy sewing.