Wednesday, April 25, 2018


A day of remembering and respecting those who have served and those who are still serving today.
My Dad and his friends
My Uncle, on the right.
Lest we forget.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Exhibition part 2

The traditional quilts on display were made by Margaret Mew, she has studied 19th C quilts and loves that style, she has made her version of quilts that are in museums..

just beautiful!
beautiful raw edge applique here

I can see stars here and rows of red, Tracee could see hearts, what can you see?

Loved the bright colours here

this  one looked so different in real life! In the photo you can see every piece of fabric

this beautiful quilt was made by a group in Kilmore I think, the front was done by hand and under every block there was an embroidered name. On the back was a plan of the quilt and information about every name mentioned in the quilt, it was very moving.

this looked amazing in real life but didn't come up so well in the photo, but it really appealed to me.
This afternoon
the snowball and nine patch and

clamshells were allowed out of a box so I could measure them for backing and can see the backing has happened, but the wadding is still rolled up in the plastic bag.....I had better go and do it, otherwise we have to walk around the edges of the room until I do!! Of course the supervisor thinks they are laid out especially for him to walk on!!

Happy sewing.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

With You With Me With them

was the name of the Quilt Exhibition I went to today with Tracee, up at Kyneton.
The idea behind the exhibition was - "a creative way to pay tribute and draw public attention to our modern returned service personnel and some of the challenges they face after returning home."
As usual I took heaps of photos so might have to spread them over several days!
I was really happy to see Aussie Hero Quilts represented and many of their wonderful quilts on display. We even got to meet David who is in the Army, he was talking to people today and showing them his quilt he received while serving in Baghdad.

There were several quilts by Rachaeldaisy..they were stunning!!
her version of clamshells

Love the colours in this

a close up of all the prairie points!

this last one had an amazing pieced backing, it made the quilt double sided. I will put up more quilt photos tomorrow
After viewing the exhibition, Tracee and I had lunch at a pub in Piper Street,
Hee hee!! I look like I am wearing an umbrella...well it was sunny!! We had a wonderful lunch, fish and chips with an amazing salad for Tracee and beetroot risotto with goats cheese for me! Yum!! We had an afternoon cuppa with Marg and Donna and then I had to head back home,

the sun was heading down as I drove thru Geelong. I had a wonderful day, thank you Tracee.
Happy sewing.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


Is was Guild meeting today,a good time was had by all, I didn't get photos of all the show and tell, just a few
these amazing quits are made with hand dyed, recycled fabric, the stitching is by hand too. There were four of them and they were amazing.

Cheryl is on a mission to finish quilts, this one was put away as she had lost interest, but now it is beaded and finished and looks wonderful.

these two were made for a challenge, the one on the left is made with paper and chiffon, the one on the right hand dyed and hand stitched fabrics. Both amazing quilts.
Anna made this rug for her daughters bedroom...recycled fabric, cut in two inch strips and then crocheted. How impressive is that? It is very heavy, but looks fantastic, Anna had to sit on the floor to make it as big as her daughter wanted. Think I might put in an order for one!!
Yesterday I was out geocaching, I walked 4.5kms along the Bellarine Rail Trail and then went to Van Loons nursery to treat myself to a chai and mixed berry cheescake! YUM!! On the way home I went to the end of Swan Bay Road to find a newish geocache.. 

This big guy was sitting on where I thought the cache was, he flew away grunting...not impressed,  

he didn't go far though.
I squelched my way through the soggy edge of the water and after getting both runners completely wet, I realised I was looking in the wrong place!! Duh!! 

Luckily I finally found it and was able to sign my name, before squelching my way back to the car. Thank goodness it was a warmish day.
I am off to the sewing room now to avoid watching the footie!
Happy weekend.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Vanishing time

I do not know where the last week had gone,one minute it was Monday, now it is Thursday! Going by too fast for me!  I have been working on Doing the Rounds, and am up to securing the ends of the peels,
I needs a good press but no point now when I am still sewing it!

these birds were at the boat launching ramp when we had a walk on Tuesday.

Today was very still and calm

two visitors

this little fairy wren was buzzing around us..he is just starting to go blue on his tail..not the best photo though is it!!

and this is the KOGO blanket I am working on, have nearly finished one row of double crochet around the edge.
Off to sit in the sun for a while.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Wild and windy

The weather has been super windy today, a few rain showers but no storms as was predicted.
I went for a walk along the Bellarine Rail trail and the weather was quite different! I was looking for geocaches, found 2 out of on my way back, I am not sure how I missed it in the first place!

I passed this marker post at one stage G = Geelong, Q = Queenscliff and D = Drysdale.

this grasshopper  kept flying in front of me, so I tried to sneak up for a photo, it had beautiful yellow wings,
this morning however was a different story..
when the Supervisor and I went for a walk, the wind was howling and a few spots of rain fell

Last night I sewed together rows of knitted squares for a KOGO blanket, with the winter fast approaching there will soon be a demand for these.
Today I have made a table runner using a panel from NZ, I have to hand sew the binding. I have free range quilted around the birds and ferns.

and the coasters are finished. Quite like these so I might make some more.
It is cooling down here so I need to go and get some slippers I feet are getting cold!
Happy weekend.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Happy mail

This morning a parcel arrived in the post for me, from the lovely Chooky...I had enrolled but was not able to go to the Scrub Stitching event last weekend, so Chooky kindly sent me the project for the Scrub Stitching weekend.

Fabric, badge and star mug! And lots of brochures of what to see in the area around where Scrub Stitching was held. Hubby and I are going to try and have a holiday in that area at some stage.

the pattern for the project.

This morning I was working on some coasters for presents, they need stitching down now, I had planned to do that this afternoon, but instead hubby and I went to the Geelong Cemetery to try and find the clues for a mystery cache. Hubby lost interest pretty quickly, but we found half of the clues we needed. It was good to be out in the sunshine for the afternoon. 
Happy stitching.